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“For the verdant meadows of the North, dotted with cottages and grazing herds, the South has her broad savannas, calm in the shadow of the palmetto and the magnolia: for the magnificence of the Hudson, the Delaware and the Susquehanna, are her mystic lagunes, in whose stately arcades of cypress, fancy floats at will through all the wilds of past and future.  In exchange for the fairy lakes of the north, she has the loveliest of valleys, composed and framed like the dream of the painter—turf-covered Horicons and Winnepisseogees.  Above her are skies soft and glowing in the genial warmth of summer suns, and beneath lie mysterious caverns, whose secrets are still unread.”


T. Addison Richards, “The Landscape of the South”
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, May 1853

Joseph Rusling Meeker (1827-1889)
Lake Catahoula, Louisiana, 1887 (1887)
Oil on canvas
14 x 24 1/2 inches
Signature Details: JR Meeker, 1887
Owner: Private collection, New Orleans, Louisiana
1451 River Road · Yemassee, SC 29945 · 843.412.8738
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