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Edward Troye

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Edward Troye, one of the first artists in the United States to specialize in animal subjects, was the country's most esteemed painter of horses throughout his mid-nineteenth century career.

He produced nearly 360 paintings and a dozen drawings of thoroughbreds from every leading American stud farm and racing stable. He also painted prize livestock and individual portraits; many of his pictures include figure portraits of trainers, grooms and jockeys.

His superb animal and sporting pictures possess vigor and animation of line, with a lustrous finish reflecting his sound academic training.

Born in 1808 to French sculptor Jean Baptiste de Troy at Lausanne, Switzerland, Edward Troye went to England at age 14 to study art under various master.

 His interest in animal subjects may have been awakened by Jacques Laurant Agasse, a friend of his father. In 1828, he went to the West Indies as a plantation bookkeeper. In 1831, he moved to Philadelphia, where he was a staff illustrator for Sartain's Magazine.

Troye traveled and painted in the early 1830s in New York, Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee. He announced his decision to specialize in "the noblest of animals," the horse, in 1835, after a commission for Robert Alexander, owner of Woodburne Farms near Lexington, Kentucky.

Troye settled in Mobile, Alabama and taught art and French until 1855, when he traveled to the Middle East. He painted scenes of Syria and the Holy Land, exhibiting them in New Orleans, New York and Canada on his return in the late 1850s.

In 1866, Troye began to write an illustrated series, The Race Horses of America. The first and only volume was published in April of 1867.

Troye moved in 1869 to his final home at Owens Cross Roads, Alabama. He summered in Kentucky, and died there in 1874. A friend erected a heroic-sized monument to Troye in Georgetown, Kentucky.

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For more information on this artist and work, please contact us.

For more information on this artist and work, please contact us.

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